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ʍoʌ ǝbɐuǝǝʇ

i'll write this song to win your kiss, but stay asleep instead.

she's thunderstorms.
My name is Olivia, I'm seventeen, and I live in New York. This is my Senior Year commitment- I'm striving to write an entry a day about everything and anything that happens. My goal in life is to make a living out of my writing. In a way, this is practice. So I encourage you to get inside my head! Talk to me! I'm open to anyone who wants to be LJ friends. ♥
favorite bands: say anything. mcfly. panic! at the disco. fall out boy. cobra starship. foster the people. meg & dia. jack's mannequin. justin bieber. arctic monkeys. marianas trench.
favorite tv shows: glee. jersey shore. project runway. top chef. community. 30 rock. SNL. the office. the colbert report. the daily show. that 70's show. my little pony.
favorite movies: the hangover. inception. donnie darko. it's kind of a funny story. mean girls. juno. pixar movies. classic disney.
other loves: musical theatre. drawing. reading. video games. concerts. singing. autumn. doodling and daydreaming. best friends. bonfires. crop tops. huge sweatshirts. making out. feeling lovesick. feeling infinite.
heads up
sensitive topic matter in this journal: my eating disorder. It's a big part of my life so it comes up frequently. I reeeeally don't need sympathy so don't think just because you read it you have to comment and try to talk me into recovery, haha! It's just something I have to deal with, that's all.