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12 November 2011 @ 01:36 am
sixty-five: singing vows before we exchange smoke rings  
woke up, had a banana and coffee under the supervision of my father, cleaned a little, then picked up Matt. We had to stop at his friend's house to get the weed & a super cute little pipe thing that neither of us knew how to use, lmao. And we realized we didn't have a lighter. Wow we're awesome.

We went to Tops first to see if the self check-out would let us buy a lighter without ID, but you had to show it to the attendant. So we ended up going to a dollar store where these college girls were working and they didn't really care about ID so i got three "child safe" lighters pretty easily.

A truck backed into my car at one point in the parking lot because the guy wasn't looking where he was going! And I got super super nervous because I thought he was going to blame me or whatever. it was just a scratch so I mumbled through a very anxious "it's fine don't worry about it!" speech. and he was like "nah I'm sorry I gotta watch where I'm going" so that was a relief haha

We went to a mall and looked at some pipes at New Age Creations, but you have to be 18 to buy them. So we sat in my car in the parking lot, sort of away from all the others, and smoked and listened to music for a while. It was actually pretty surreal. Matt is the kid I was obsessed with when I first met him. I had a crush on him forEVER. Now we were chilling out together, smoking weed together. Like, seriously... What?!

Once we were substantially high (him more than me, it takes a lot to get me stoned) we went back in the mall and walked around for a while. It was a really good time and we did some pretty stupid stuff. Haha.

I bought my friend a neon orange, Triceratops pillow pet for her birthday since I was going to her party that night. He bought a knockoff Louis Vuitton beanie & scarf combo and gave me the scarf.

I dropped him off with his friends, and I took the route home that went pay Sarah's house. Its funny though, I didn't really have that burning desire to have Dave notice my car rolling by. He's been on my mind less and less lately because I've been so focused on recovery. I like it a lot. Plus, I don't even need to depend on him for weed anymore, Matt and I have officially reached "high buddy" status. So Dave can suck it. Even though Im not even mad at him. Ha.

Matt made a few references to the fact that he wouldn't have minded getting some from me today. It was so weird. I can't think of him as more than a friend if I tried. Im just not attracted to him like that anymore. I grew up I guess.

I chilled out at home (and was forced to eat something- yogurt with wheat germ and protein powder was my choice) and then went to my friend's house for her birthday get together. It was just a few people but they were all chill and fun. I found myself constantly checking the clock though. I just wanted to be home, tbh. I don't have a lot of patience around people these days.

I was also still sort of high when I got there so I found it hard to interact with everyone, haha, but I think they jut though I was tired or something

I waited until my mom got home to eat anything. We made flatbread pizzas and I fought the urge to eat a lot. I had a banana and some hot milk and honey for my throat/crazy cough after though. But I'm glad I didn't eat too much pizza, as meager a meal as it actually is. I'm just so scared of legit meals, it's crazy.

Marina and Colin won't be here for another hour and half or so, so I think I'm going to take a nap until they text me and say that they're close. A good end to this crazy day. I can't wait to meet Colin, hehehe.